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4th Fervid album ,loaded with ''real" songs.
Catchy stuff!


released January 2, 2012

Otto van Gemert,Guitar ,vocals
Pascal Derogee,Bass Vocals
Casper Rosenquist. Drums,percussion ,vocals

Gedeon Derogee additional guitar on Furry little animals

Recorded at IJland studio, Amsterdam august 2011.
Mastering : Amsterdam mastering ,Darius van Helfteren.
Artwork: Joop van Gemert.
How? is a JVGM production.



all rights reserved


Fervid Dordrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: Tragedy
It still amazes me
You always cling together
With sticky hands and words
You rule the night when things are better
So open new doors now
Must find a new connection
You’re nothing special man
I will not hope
I’ll face rejection

Tragedy, tragedy
A tragedy when she comes
Will she stay?
It is surprising girl
You really touch the world
Tragedy, tragedy
A tragedy when she’s gone far away
I’m working overtime
I hope you’re doing fine
(I’m doing fine)

I see you sit and smile
And breathe the air you’re breathing
You’re really nowhere now
You burned the book while I was reading
It still amazes me
You always cling together
With sticky hands and words
You rule the night when things are better

Malfunctioning design
Well thank you girl
I’m fine
Track Name: Walls of Jericho
The walls of Jericho will fall as mighty sounds echo
Stones will crumble
Walls will fall into debris
Where is mercy?
Where is love as they strike Jericho?
There is only one house, one love, one girl to be saved

She might be in love
She might fall as trumpets call for love

The walls of Jericho cannot protect the vulnerable
Stones will crumble
Walls will fall into debris, she...

You are real
And for a moment I can feel
You are real

You know my lips are sealed
Track Name: The tiger and the lamb
TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire
What the hand dare seize the fire?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Little lamb, who made thee?
Sheppard’s art
Dost thou know who made thee
It’s in the heart
Little lamb, I’ll tell thee
Death do us part
For He calls Himself a lamb
Track Name: The message
You know it’s so uncool to say it’s fine
(Come on, say it’s fine)
It’s leading you too far across the line
(So far across the line)
They say that it is wrong to wake the dead
(So come on, wake the dead)
But now the dead are waking us instead

Here he is
He’s got the message in his head
He’s got the message in his head
Here he is
The messenger is dead

I walk into your story and you leave
(But you don’t have to leave)
A garden of improbabilities
(Tree down, I see)
You know that it is fun to wake the dead
(Come on, wake the dead)
But Hades is a moody little brat
Track Name: Ishmael
Ishmael are you still sleeping?
See, your father he is weeping
For the promise he's been keeping is a hell
Ishmael he is so sorry
So please be in a hurry
Don't be quiet there is so much more to tell

Ishmael, Ishmael
Please don't be too long Ishmael
Ishmael, Ishmael
It's a long, long song Ishmael

Ishmael why are you crying?
Did you find out he was lying
When he said you'd find your way back home again?
Now the TV has been showing
The confusion you've been growing
Without ever really thinking of a plan
Track Name: How?
How can we tell the boys from the girls?
How can you die in a dead world?
Why should I sow the seeds that won’t grow?
Why should I tell what you already know?

How can I sleep when the lights are on?
How can I sweat when there’s no sun?
Why am I always weak when awake?
And am I still good when I am fake?

Pull on hair, don’t pull on sight
Aha, you fought till it died
I’ll never lose, you’ll never lose
That’s why I have to choose

How can we ever again be green?
And how can we be these cold machines?
How can I sing when there’s so much noise?
And how can we tell the girls from the boys?

Track Name: Hammer in my head
Girl you see me
But you don’t want me
Don’t you want me?

Bang bang bang
Like a hammer in my head

(bang bang bang bang bang bang bang)
Everyone pays for love
Like a hammer in my head
Morning has broken and so has my heart
Everyone pays for love
Like a hammer in my head

Stop me
Block me
Your eyes can’t feed me
You say love me
Track Name: Furry little animals
There are medicines to change me
I find that so hard to believe
They should be given to the others
‘cause they’re the ones who always leave
But now I know
I’ve seen love

I have this feeling
I’ve been joking
Because your fire isn’t warm
So feed me pills to crack me open
So I can fall into your arms
Right now I don’t understand this

Is there a place where I can hide
This so called shining of the sun
Could never make me feel the way I felt when I was young
So can you show me dizzy days?
I need some fun in holding on
‘Cause all your sleep reminded me I’m still emotional

These are effects of your placebo
You see I’m reaching for you girl
Every word is full of nonsense
My first real step into the world
The one that won’t understand this

I see furry little animals at night
Hear the noisy love they make
We see ourselves reflected in the Christmas lights
Can I please be like you?

I think I can be happy
Track Name: Fight all night
I need to know where I am going
I need to know what I am feeling
I need to find you in my system
An open window
An exciting night

Oh yeah I wanna fight
All night I wanna fight
All night I wanna fight
All night
Yeah I wanna fight
All night I wanna fight
All night

I sink my teeth into your silence
I'm funny (am I not?) tonight
For nothing ever gets us going
And nothing ever makes us right, so...
Track Name: A change
My most intimate feelings were read
And I couldn’t play dead anymore
Who am I singing for?
I crashed, bashed, smashed my head
And I couldn’t hide it anymore
What am I singing for?

Crying after all these years
I still can’t handle tears
And now I’m feeling tired and my head aches
For you
I wrote for no one else
I copied what you felt
And I never wanted to scare or hurt anyone

This is so much worse
Now all these songs are cursed
But to whom should I apologize?
To you
But you don’t even know
Where on earth I had to go
And I never wanted to scare or hurt anyone

I need a change (I need a change)
In my life
Track Name: Birthday 1
I don’t want this
I don’t need this
Take it away
This girl wanders, she changes
Don’t go on me

And in my memory
It’s been in my life so long
I don’t know any better
I still think you’re strong
And I know
That it’s one out of three
So I guess 21 years is like a century

In the bathroom
She was crying
I will teach him
That was the first time
That was the last time
Yeah the only time

And in my memory
I’ve cried quite a lot
I’m not the only one
I’ve never turned to God
And in the hardest times
I was used like a phone
We were a thousand miles away from home
So I felt alone

And in the hardest times
You never really looked
I think that I’ve tried every way
It’s logical I’ve stopped
Track Name: Why don't you stay (birthday 2)
It’s not that I’m lazy
And I’m not unsure
I’m not going crazy
I just want some more
Some more of this freedom
More friends when I fall
I want to have my life
You’re planning it all

But I’m not running away
I don’t hate you
Why don’t you stay?
Yes it spoils all my plans
And my lust for life
But I still love you and I’m still alive

And now I’m not desperate
Not moody at all
But it’s making me desolate
And one foot tall
So give me my pictures
And give me my tapes
Then kiss each other quickly
Time to change shape