The question is no

by Fervid

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First Fervid album ever!


released October 1, 2000

Otto van Gemert,Casper Rosenquist,Pascal Derogee



all rights reserved


Fervid Dordrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: Treasure a stain
Hey this is a note just to say. Everything is turning out okay. So I won't use this
note to reflect. I will only use it to show respect, well...
Feromones infected my brain. Being where I am well I can't complain. All hardheaded
people will crash
All hardheaded people will someday clash
Yesterday I thought about respect. You know that I'm not always good with tact
I won't be washing my hands now. Because the sin would remain. I'll wash my feet
so I'll walk straight
We should all treasure a stain
Track Name: Disdain
Did I rid me of the thoughts that died. Little thunderbirds that live
inside. I have taught myself to stay awake. There's a limit to what I
can take. I question the use of adolescence. Scream out that nothing
is in vain. But you never thought about the lessons here. You treated
my people with disdain. You see no wonders in the world today.
That's no wonder 'cause your world is grey. I won't accept that we
are all the same. You have really got yourself to blame
Track Name: Song for someone else
Where did I get this energy? I don't like this XTC. Somebody stole my
sensible part but I just like this ecstasy. I'm on top, taking joy. Give
me a ride, a boat, a lift. When I'm there I know I'll shift but I don't
want this fight. I want to live like this
Hey rational love. I don't need rational love. Hey irrational love.
Please I need rational love. Hey you, father, mother. I don't want this
name. Hey you, father, mother, confessions of your shame
In this dead and violent world where I just won't live no more.
Somebody stole my sensible part, it's love I've been living for. I'm like
them, they're like us but I don't know who I'm talking to. I'm talking
to my friends and you but are you one of them? I don't remember
since that day
I'm so desperate, I'm empty to the bone. I want to be peaceful and I
want to be alone. This is so confusing it's the only thing in my world.
So again, here is the soundless purple voice of drowning
Track Name: Home
Leave with me, nobody cares and if they did, I don't care. It's unfair. I've been locked in
darkness, I'm still naive. You say all I should say is that I will believe. We have ways to
Stay with me , nobody stays and if they do then they change. It's so strange . I've been
locked in bed but I'm still awake. I've been breaking too much things that I cannot mend
again. Sail these ways to always. If you can't believe. Then leave it alone. And when
you're meant for me. I'm on my own. Don't be amazed, but these are happy days, 'cause
where I live in comfort that's what I call, that's what I call home, that's where I'll roam.
You left me bleeding under the mess you'd made and set off alone.
Track Name: The reason
Let go of me, she said, let go of me, I've had it all. You don't know me, she said,
you don't know me, I've lost control. Don't go on me, she said, don't go on me, this
is a call. Who would not go, who would not go, no one at all
You've never seen all the things I have. I know you can't, I know you can't. You
cannot imagine the times that went. There was no pretence, just innocence
I tried to walk into the valley. I tried to walk into the sun. (But please don't
make me run). Well, there's nothing out there but don't tell me. Don't prove
me wrong
What's the truth, she asked, What's the truth. I cannot see. What's your
truth, she asked, What's your truth. Share it with me. Now you tell me, she
said, now you tell me. You know it all. Well I can't see, she said, no I can't
see. And I've tried it all
Track Name: She breaks the clouds
It's given once again. Step forward but I'll break again, so what's the use? It's
given anyway, and time is here to take the place where I belong to stand, though I
object I bend. Are you not like I am ?
She breaks the clouds, I remain on the ground. She cannot hurt you. She comes on
down and she looks at the crowd but she won't hurt you, she'll never hurt yo. It's
hard to stay in shape, I feel my systems fail again. What's the use? It's given once
and for all, but it's just not to me that's all. It's given for a cause, and could I give
that much ?
Oh well, I hope at least a lot. I am in touch with my surroundings. Still there is lack
of energy. But all the stumbling around here puts something new inside of me
Track Name: Follow
don't know what to say I've got amnesia. I don't know what to do but I am
fine. Things could not be better, I can live with imperfection. It's great to
know that you cannot be mine
I don't mean to mislead or misinform you. But sometimes it is beautiful to
lie. We need something weird so we can understand what's normal. I know
that I can look you in the eye
I will follow you, I'll be silent but. I will follow you. I wish what I should say
but it's better this way. I will follow you. Who'll give his love to you
Track Name: The question is no
As the child dwells deeper within us, passion grows along. All Mother Nature's flowers
bloom to watch the sun. Equality and understanding, where's this young compassion
bending. Greatness isn't really all that great (Now I know real beauty doesn't fade). I
should have known my place in the shade. As thoughts come to expression. The words
will be replied. Like an automatic lifeline all pureness steps aside. Expectation, conversation,
there's nothing like some irritation. Now every flower opens in the night.
And in the daytime we all stay inside
Chances flew by as my mind went open. Blindness becomes knowledge through
hoping. Every day makes me less sober. The question, the question is no. You don't
need to hear this, you already know
Your love life is one perfect show
Track Name: Someone's arms
Things will fall into place. That's what I tell myself. But then, when I have nothing to do. I
start to question if that's true
The past is never erased. Thank God for memories. But now and then they get into my
face. I need one more long embrace
Put your head in my arms tonight. I don't know where we're going, but Winter is smiling.
December will soothe us tonight. You know it's good to put your head into someone's
arms. Your head into someone's arms
Track Name: Galaxy
Love is what you make of it, It's all about control when you inhale. And every breath you
take of it is further choking our friendship. Take my breath away but love me still. Love is
what you feel for it. All my senses partially defined, a bitter taste is in my mouth, the
scent of tea is all around. All the slight nuances make me blind. Hey hey, you take my
breath away
This used to be the galaxy to me. But you wanted fireworks, you needed fireworks.